spaceage material for boats

toxic algae becoming severe threat nationwide

signs posted at boat launches in the hells canyon area along the idaho-oregon line are typical of those at many recreation areas nationwide: "danger: do not go in or near water" if there's algae.

7 incredible multimillion-dollar motorhomes

the blue black white and silver exterior paint design is by indiana artist dean loucks who is also known for custom airbrushing on boats and aircraft. the $2.2 million fairfax edition photo

nasa takes a crack at algal biofuel

the plastic bags would actually be a space-age material allowing oxygen and fresh water to leave and carbon dioxide the algae's other food to enter with the help of the motion in the ocean.

"lost in space" actor bob may dead at 69

"lost in space" was a space-age retelling of "the swiss family robinson" story in which professor john robinson his wife and their children were on a space mission when their craft was knocked

oral roberts dead at 91

the campus is a tulsa landmark with its space-age buildings laden with gold paint including a 200-foot 61-meter prayer tower and a 60-foot 18.3-meter bronze statue of praying hands. his

u.s. boat wins back america's cup

larry ellison's space-age trimaran bmw oracle won back the america's cup for the united states by speeding across the mediterranean and routing two-time defending champion alinghi of switzerland

cars streamlined to perfection

the 1938 dubonnet xenia is a rocket ship on wheels. in its day it was the cutting edge of design innovation. "this is one of the first wrap-around wind screens ever used on an automobile" the

make-up for the year 2000

the people who make cosmetics say that for the year 2000 shiny is the thing to be. cbs news correspondent julie chen from cbs station wcbs in new york reports. you won't recognize any of the

sail away on these superdeluxe superyachts pictures

the boat which measures 536 feet in length and is estimated to cost a whopping $1.5 billion is owned by russian billionaire roman abramovich. its defenses include WPC plating bullet-proof

tomorrow daily 008: sub-orbital space capsules wi-fi

on today's show: a successful scale test run for a commercial sub-orbital space flight company; a man previously paralyzed moves his hand with his thoughts through new technology; and an artist

oracle team usa caps stunning comeback to win america's

owned by software billionaire larry ellison oracle team usa was docked two points for illegally modifying boats in warmup regattas and had to win 11 races to keep the auld mug.

hospitals turn to cleaning "robots" to fight superbugs

his point: it only takes a minute for a nurse or visitor with dirty hands to walk into a room touch a vulnerable patient with germy hands and undo the benefits of a recent space-age cleaning.

star wars? president trump says "space is a war-fighting

ever since the space age started with the soviet union's launch of sputnik there has been a military and national security aspect to space even though there are treaties and a united nations

signal achievements in army history photos

the flags were sizable--the square fabric would typically measure 4 feet per side but sometimes as much as 6 feet. they were waved at the end of a 12-foot hickory staff which surely made for

signal achievements in army history photos

the u.s. army's signal corps has now been around for 150 years at the forefront of technologies from the telegraph to radio radar and satellite communications.

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spaceage material for boats

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