continuous corral panels oklahoma

parasite eve ii faq/walkthrough for playstation by jl lee

jack loh for being the first to respond to my query on the ok corral shootout. kisses from meg for providing more than i asked for robert han for telling me the secret of the gunblade. you forget the specs ^^;; so i still can't add it in yet. ditto to ben neb for telling me that i missed out on the m950 and jerome lau for its location. regodzill that guy's everywhere being the first

the legend of zelda: ocarina of time 3d faq/walkthrough

ok in this room you may notice a small chest on a ledge. hookshot to its backside the side facing the wall and you'll successfully climb up there. any other side won't get you quite up there because of how the ledge's walls are. inside this chest is a recovery heart but the real reason why we're up here is for a gold skulltula. it's on one of the walls up here. gold skulltulas: 057 out

star wars jedi knight ii: jedi outcast jedi master

press use to open a panel then enter the secret room. move to the far end and climb the crates. follow the crates to the other end det-paks and drop down. large shield generator and a bacta. press the switch to lower the glass and step thru. turn right and find the single box in the corner that can be pulled. it covered a hole crouch and go thru it. a short hall leads to a t. kill the

tactics ogre: the knight of lodis

spears and whips can reach two panels to attack an enemy with restrictions being 3s steps up and 4s down. swords rapiers and other one -handed weapons can only hit 2s steps up or 3s down. this means if an enemy has a one-handed weapon and is attacked from 3s above it it won't be able to counterattack. attacking from behind is another way to 'ensure' that the enemy won't counterattack

chrono cross faq/walkthrough for playstation by zelda dude

when you touch the panel on the side you hear a familiar voice. >>>>> 2: destiny of the chrono revealed <<<<< the voice is kids. she's talking with you and magil in another timeline. these words and memories are from radical dreamers a game developed on the japaneese satellite view and part of her group she led which was a band of thieves. it sounds starkingly similar to the diologue spoken

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continuous corral panels oklahoma

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