veranda white railing impact resistant

biotech crops on the dinner table?

american farmers will plant more genetically engineered crops this year including one-third of the corn on u.s. soil shrugging off international resistance to biotech food.

french rail workers vote to end strike

in 42 of 45 morning meetings rail workers voted to return to work friday a tendency that continued in the afternoon union officials said. the development was good news for travelers who have

genetically modified apples resistant to turning brown

the browning-resistant varieties are considered especially desirable for use as pre-sliced apples in fruit salad and salad bars and in the manufacturing of juice.

new salmonella strain worries scientists: why?

salmonella that's resistant to the antibiotics commonly used to treat salmonella poisoning a.k.a. salmonellosis. and a new study from europe shows that just such a bug has emerged recently.

world's most controversial grass

the natural version of creeping bentgrass is the perfect surface for a golf ball because as its name suggests it "creeps" - growing in a smooth horizontal plane.

the home of the future

stormbreaker plus: this impact-resistant window from simonton windows is designed to withstand maximum force winds and impact from flying objects such as tree branches etc. that may become

surveillance state u.s.a.

however far more sophisticated security methods developed for counterinsurgency warfare overseas are now coming home to far less public resistance. they promise sooner or later to further

jere longman on 'among the heroes'

as the nation remembers sept. 11 a new book takes a look at one of the few bright moments from that awful day. it profiles the passengers and crew of united flight 93 and the role they may have

paul allen dead today: tech and sports world react to

ana mari cauce university of washington president. today we mourn the loss of paul g. allen a man of extraordinary vision leadership and generosity whose impact on our world is profound.

controversial spraying method aims to curb global warming

the practice became popular in mid-1800's minstrel shows when white performers darkened their faces to depict african-americans in prejudicial and offensive ways 22h ago

"superbug" deaths in u.s. may surpass aids

most drug-resistant staph cases are mild skin infections. but this study focused on invasive infections - those that enter the bloodstream or destroy flesh and can turn deadly.

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veranda white railing impact resistant

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